December Tour Places Still Available

December Tour 2019

5 - 14 December 2019
Discover the good land, from Jerusalem to the Galilee and Golan Heights. An optional tour extension to Jordan is available.

Passover Tour 2020

10 - 18 April 2020
A special opportunity to visit and experience Israel, the promised land,  during Passover. Eight nights.

Tour and Conference

30 April - 10 May 2020
A seven-day tour of Israel with an International blending conference. Then extend your stay with an optional three-day tour of Jordan.

Tour y Conferencia 2020

30 de abril - 10 de mayo de 2020
Para hispanohablantes: un tour de siete días por Israel con una Conferencia Internacional.

Young Adult Tour

20 - 28 July 2020
This tour of Israel specifically for young adults, trainees and students…or anyone young at heart. Optional extension to Jordan.

Custom Group Tour

Any Time.
Your tour. Your way. Most of the tours we do are custom tours. We put together a tour for you according to your requirements. 

Why visit Israel?

If you love the bible visiting Israel is an inspiring and enlightening experience that should not be missed. Sitting at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa much of the old testament and new testament took place in Israel’s hills and valleys, towns and cities. This land, the holy land, the land of the bible, is steeped in history and significance and is waiting to be discovered by you.

Why a tour?

With a group tour everything is arranged and taken care of for you. There is no need to worry about where you will go and how you will get there. You are free from distractions so that you can get the most from your time in this special place.

Why JJ Travel?

Quite simply because we care. We care about you and the experience you will have coming to Israel. We understand this is not just any other vacation. We know what a visit to Israel means. So, we care about our tours – we don’t do the typical, standard tour. We do tours that matter and go to places – even if they are off the beaten track – that are meaningful. We care because we know you care.

I would not want to visit Israel in any other way except on such a tour…I would love to do the tour all over again

FH, Surrey, Canada

I was stunned by the impact it had on me to see the physical land of which Christ is the reality…I believe that I will never read the Bible quite the same.

DV, Texas USA

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What is a tour really like?

What is a tour really like?

In September 2016 my wife and I joined a JJ Travel tour of Israel. This was not our first time in Israel, but this time we experienced Israel as never before. We saw new places,  revisited places we had seen before and got to meet with local believers. The knowledge...

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The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea

A short journey east from Jerusalem, in the Jordan Rift Valley, is the Dead Sea. To its west are the Judean mountains and to the east the Moab mountains of Jordan - the Israel-Jordan border runs down its center. The surrounding scenery is rugged and inhospitable. It...

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